Komotini (formerly known as Gioumoultzina, in Turkish: Gümülcine, in Byzantine Greek: Koumoutzina, Komotinai or Komotina) constitutes the capital of Rodopi and is in the North East of Greece, in the prefecture of Rodopi. Komotini is the seat of the administrative region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. Komotini is a modern multicultural city. Its population is exceptionally multilingual considering the city’s size. It consists of native Greeks, descendants of immigrants from Asia Minor and Eastern Thrace, minority Greeks (speakers of Turkish, Pomakoi and Roma, mainly Muslims in their religious beliefs), as well as of descendants of Armenian refugees. In the 1990s a lot of expatriated Greeks of the Diaspora, from countries of the former USSR (mainly coming from Georgia, Armenia, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan) settled in Komotini.
Its population, following the population inventory of 2011, amounts to 55.812 residents. The Democritus University of Thrace has its seat in Komotini. Its finance is characterized by prevalence in the field of services, fact that results from geographical and historical factors. Its urban space presents a particular diversity due to its history and culture, elements that are responsible for the important monuments and sites worth seeing and visiting.

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Ο Αγώνας του 1821 μέσα από μαθητικές, εικαστικές, ψηφιακές δημιουργίες

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