Regarding the Directorate of Primary Education of Rodopi

The Directorate of Primary Education of Rodopi (henceforth DIPE of Rodopi) has its seat in Komotini and is responsible for primary education in the Rodopi region. The DIPE of Rodopi constitutes a regional authority of the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Education (http://www.minedu.gov.gr/), with the mission to implement state educational policy and legislation on the level of primary school education.
Within the region of competence of the DIPE of Rodopi there are 146 schools. Specifically, 75 minority primary schools, 26 public minority schools and 41 kindergartens function in the region, which are attended, in total, by approximately 8.500 pupils. The schools of Rodopi serve a region of prominent historical and cultural value, in the crossroad of cultural, linguistic and national interactions.
The DIPE of Rodopi occupies a significant number of teachers, permanent and substitute, while it is distinguished for its multicultural and multilingual character, as well as for its minority school structures, where education is bilingual. In the region of the DIPE of Rodopi nine administrative officers and five teachers detached from the primary education, as well as seven educational consultants serve under the direction of Mr. Marinos Konstantinidis.
The DIPE of Rodopi is hosted on the ground floor of a historical building, which functioned as the Junior High School for Boys of Komotini, the annex of which has been designed by the notable architect, Patroklos Karantinos and was delivered for use in 1932. The historical building was fully renovated, in maintaining, however, its external façade and all elements of school architecture and currently hosts the DIPE of Rodopi in its ground floor. The building is in St. Kyriakidi Street in the city centre.
The website of the DIPE of Rodopi: http://dipe.rod.gr/index.php


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